Buffalo, NY’s latest rust belt hybrid of freaked up punk/hardcore/noise rock. Short rippers filled with bitter, broke, and bratty energy.  
Demented, pummeling noise-punk made by good, honest people who just wanna nervously laugh through the meltdown of society. Wild, short songs that perfectly bridge the gap between fun, high-energy punk wackiness and the dark, heavy depravity of noise rock.
Sludged up speed metal meets cave dwelling crust punk debauchery. An unrelenting landslide of concussive riffs with tightly intertwined snare pounding, haunted by desperate howls.

Seven relentless tracks of blistering, dystopian hardcore. SCIENCE MAN continues to prove there is always another grittier, more chaotic layer of warp speed, genre-bending punk brooding just beneath the surface of his ever expanding world.
Hardcore but born from punk. Lab grown and hidden away in Buffalo, NY. A dark, crumbling, leaky warehouse of an album.
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Snarky, goblin-Elvis vocals overtop punchy, speed warped, danceable new wave/post-punk. Short, catchy songs littered with slice of life, wiry sarcasm about shunning self-improvement, going to the dentist, a hippie killing hitchhiker, existential nervous breakdowns, and an annoying bug. Faster. More freaked and free.
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House is an EP filled 70s inspired electronic ambient jams that harken back to the days of towering analog synthesizers and drug induced electronic experimentation. These lush yet simple compositions take the work of Brian Eno and Mort Garson, fuses it with Krautrock artists like Manuel Göttsching and Harmonia, and sprinkles a little Ryuichi Sakamoto in the mix. As a whole, the EP sounds like the soundtrack to a forgotten 80s independent film. A tale of turbulent winters in the Northeast of America starring some celebrity who wanted to explore their artistry.
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Inspired by the 1926 Japanese silent film "A Page of Madness” NIGHT SLAVES teamed up with Justin Rowland to write an entirely new + original score for the film and then performed it LIVE on Halloween 2019. These are two excerpts from that score which were recorded shortly after the performance. More akin to 70’s electro-kraut rock and Italian horror soundtracks with a punk ethos than the traditional score, these songs stand alone as well as function as love letters to the film.
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Blackened art punk from parts unknown. Hardcore, noise rock, no wave, and punk burnt into to an inescapable, sticky tar.
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Lo-fi, space rock, neo-psychedelia full of ripping guitar solos and snot filled vocals. Lay back and let the hypnotic haze take over. 
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Alan Vega meets Throbbing Gristle by a kid who grew up on Atari Teenage Riot with a bunch of broken gear.
No wave, industrial rooted punk with a kraut-like, hypnotic danceability.

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6 short, snarky, strange yet danceable punk jams in under 10 mins.  Limited to 100x Cassettes. ORDER HERE!
9 bursts of machine driven hardcore from the beyond.  MATCH GAME.  
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Debut LP of SCIENCE MAN and a first from Swimming Faith Records. One man's quest for supreme power. A bizarre monstrosity of rock and roll. Limited to 300x LP
Follow up record to Alpha Hopper's debut "Last Chance Power Drive." Weirdo, no-wave wanna be hardcore making ear-worms and math homework for art school drop outs. 
You are about to hear the score of the most ridiculous, b-movie Dracula film no one has ever seen (and may not even really exist). The Hamiltones debut LP is an instrumental, surf-punk adventure that has as much in common with Ennio Morricone and The Cramps as it does with the Ventures. Nimble guitars, lurking bass, swirling organs, and eerie violin create a sound that can transform from uptempo and raucous to dark and baroque, harkening back to an era when ghouls lurked in every Eastern European forest. ORDER HERE
Co-released with BIG NECK RECORDS
Glam dance-punk? Sleazy, synth rock and roll? Gong obsessed, hip-shake sounds? Lo-fi freak frequencies? Yes! To Everything.
"Till it Explodes" pushes THE MIDNIGHT VEIN to a fuller, yet fuzzier place. Like an edgy, dream sequence that sounds like Roland S Howard bleeding over a Spirtualized demo. "Run From the Light" is a 6 min kraut rock trance that haunts like a spooky version of Primal Scream with all their serotonin bombed out.
Taking the beating heart of 60’s garage rock, the fuzzy dancing limbs of psychedelic Brit Pop, and the sardonic lyrical strike of post-punk NIGHT SLAVES have given life to another evolution in their ever changing sound.