6 short, snarky, strange yet danceable punk jams in under 10 mins. Limited to 100x Cassettes. ORDER HERE!
9 bursts of machine driven hardcore from the beyond. MATCH GAME. ORDER HERE!
Debut LP of SCIENCE MAN and a first from Swimming Faith Records. One man's quest for supreme power. A bizarre monstrosity of rock and roll.
Follow up record to Alpha Hopper's debut "Last Chance Power Drive." Weirdo, no-wave wanna be hardcore making ear-worms and math homework for art school drop outs.
You are about to hear the score of the most ridiculous, b-movie Dracula film no one has ever seen (and may not even really exist). The Hamiltones debut LP is an instrumental, surf-punk adventure that has as much in common with Ennio Morricone and The Cramps as it does with the Ventures. Nimble guitars, lurking bass, swirling organs, and eerie violin create a sound that can transform from uptempo and raucous to dark and baroque, harkening back to an era when ghouls lurked in every Eastern European forest. ORDER HERE
Co-released with BIG NECK RECORDS
"Till it Explodes" pushes THE MIDNIGHT VEIN to a fuller, yet fuzzier place. Like an edgy, dream sequence that sounds like Roland S Howard bleeding over a Spirtualized demo. "Run From the Light" is a 6 min kraut rock trance that haunts like a spooky version of Primal Scream with all their serotonin bombed out.
Glam dance-punk? Sleazy, synth rock and roll? Gong obsessed, hip-shake sounds? Lo-fi freak frequencies? Yes! To Everything.
Taking the beating heart of 60’s garage rock, the fuzzy dancing limbs of psychedelic Brit Pop, and the sardonic lyrical strike of post-punk NIGHT SLAVES have given life to another evolution in their ever changing sound.